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The Story of Christianity - Volume 1 - The Early Church to the Dawn of the Refor
Justo L. Gonzalez

revised and updated

The Story of Christianity, volume 1, relates the dramatic events, the colorful characters, and the revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries...

$25.99 | $25.00
The Story of Christianity - Volume 2 - The Reformation to the Present Day
Justo L. Gonzalez

revised and updated

Award-winning historian Justo Gonzalez brings to life the people, dramatic events, and theological debates that have shaped Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy...

$25.99 | $25.00
Robert Chapman
Robert L. Peterson

Apostle of Love   --   His caring and humble attitude had a marked impact on the lives of such men as George Muller, J. Hudson Taylor, John Nelson Darby, and Charles Spurgeon...

$13.99 | $11.35
Living by Revealed Truth - The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spur
Tom Nettles

Evidencing decades of serious engagement with this great Baptist leader of the nineteenth century, Nettles has given us an immense and monumental portrait of almost every aspect of the life of "...

$49.99 | $35.50
The Gospel in Bonds
Georgi Vins

(I)n the pages of this book, you won't read about a man who felt sorry for himself or who wallowed in the misery of his sufferings.  Rather, you will hear the true stories of believers whose...

$13.95 | $11.35
Trapped in Hitler's Hell
Anita Dittman with Jan Markell

Trapped in Hitler's Hell is the true account of Holocaust horror but also of God's miraculous mercy on a young girl who spent her teenage years desperately fighting for survivial yet...

$14.95 | $10.65
Biblical Archaeology
David E. Graves

brings together many of the new discoveries from the last 20 years highlighting the recent finds that are relevant to the claims of the Bible   --   more than 140 charts, maps...

$26.49 | $22.80
Understanding Christian Zionism
Paul R. Wilkinson

Formerly titled:  For Zion's Sake, this new editon has been edited by Andrew D. Robinson   --   Israel's Place in the Purposes of God   --  ...

$25.00 | $17.75
The Lion's Gate - On the Front LInes of the Six Day War
Steven Pressfield

Drawing on hundreds of hours of interviews with fighter pilots and helicopter pilots, tank commanders and Recon soldiers, paratroopers and civilians, bestselling author Steven Pressfield...

$18.00 | $12.80
Power, Faith, and Fantasy - America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present
Michael B. Oren

Power, Faith, and Fantasy tells the remarkable story of America's 230 year relationship with the Middle East.  Drawing on a vast range of government documents, personal...

$19.95 | $14.20
Halina - Faith in the Fire
Elwood McQuaid

This is the true story of two worlds that collided during World War II and the courage of a young Polish woman who fought in the Polish Home Army in Warsaw . . . Her story of personal trust in...

$9.95 | $7.10
The Twelve Caesars - The Lives of the Roman Emperors
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillis

A contemporary biography of the first twelve Caesars of the Roman Empire . . . The author Suetomius was personal secretary to the Emperoe Hadrian.

$0.00 | $15.40
Lives of the Twelve Caesars

[Suetonius] sets out in vivid detail a  great range of aspects illuminating the emperors' characters, their habits, from table to bedchamber -- their intrigues, their loves and their deaths....

$7.99 | $5.70
1944 - FDR and the Year That Changed History
Jay Winik

Bold, magisterial, and exquisitely rendered, 1944: FDR and the Year That Changed HIstory is the first book to tell thses events with such moral clarity and unprecedented sweep, and with a...

$35.00 | $24.85
Churchill and the Jews - A Lifelong Friendship
Martin Gilbert

Drawing on a wide range of archives and private papers, speeches, newspaper coverage, and wartime correspondence, Churchill's official biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert, explores the origins,...

$20.00 | $14.20
George Whitefield
Arnold A. Dallimore

This condensation of the author's classic two-volume edition contains twenty-three fast-moving chapters of highly interesting material.  A powerful rendering of a life wholly consecrated to...

$21.99 | $15.65
Biblical Archaeology - Volume 2
David E. Graves

Famous Discoveries That Support the Reliability of the Bible   --   Volume one presented the recent finds from the last 20 years, while this work also challenges the...

$26.49 | $22.50
George Whitefield - 2 volumes
Arnold Dallimore

Many resons combine to make this full-scale portrait of Whitefield a biography of impressive importance.  First, Whitefield's life provides in itself a story scarcely paralleled . . . Second...

$69.00 | $49.00
The Works of Josephus
William Whiston, translator

complete and unabridged   --   new updated edition   --   best available because (1) in modern, easy-to-read type, (2) Loeb numbering system has...

$14.97 | $10.65
Ecumenical Quest for a World Federation
Martin Erdmann

The Churches' Contribution to Marshall Public Support for World Order and Peace, 1919-1945   --  . . . Dr. Erdman  deals primarily with John Foster Dulles' participation...

$28.80 | $24.50