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John D. Hannah

John Hannah asserts that an understanding of theology -- "the distilled knowledge of God that is the foundation of a walk with God" -- is essential for living the Christain life.  "No one can...

$25.00 | $22.10
Never-Ending Conflict -- Israeli Military HIstory
Mordechai Bar-On, ed.

From the revolt of 1936-39 to the Intifada that began in 2000, Israelis and Palestinians have clashed in a dozen major incidents . . These twelve accounts detail each conflict -- its causes,...

$16.95 | $13.60
Richard Terrell

How did the Holocaust take place in a nation of rich Christian history and cultural achievement?

What ideas - spiritual and intellectual - contributed to the nightmare of Adolf...

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translated by William Whiston

In The Complete Works you will discover what the New Testament writers knew about Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, and Solomon.  Examine an in-depth history of Herod and his...

$25.99 | $18.50
G. R. Evans

How did Christianity come to have such an extraordinary influence upon Europe?  G. R. Evans' The History of Christian Europe offers a fascinating portrayal of the development...

$19.99 | $14.20
Simon Jones

"Based on solid historical scholarship and original research, Simon Jones has produced a readable and informative account of everyday life in the Roman empire that brings alive for today's readers...

$24.99 | $17.75
Holy War for the Promised Land - Israel at the Crossroads
David Dolan

The jihad war for Israel - where did it come from, and where is it heading?  David Dolan is an expert on the subject, having lived and worked in Israel since 1980.  He looks at...

$9.99 | $7.10
David Fromkin

The Middle East has long been a region of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and ambitions. In large part these conflicts—including the hostilities between Arabs and...

$20.00 | $14.20
David Larsen

"The Jews are God's timepiece," [David Larsen] says.  "They are the key to history and prophecy."  And the author takes the key and opens the door on many subjects,...

$19.99 | $14.20
Joan Peters

Joan Peters's highly readable and moving development of the answers to . .

$18.95 | $13.50
Leon J. Wood

$27.99 | $19.90
The Founding Fathers of Zionism
Benzion Netanyahu

The "small" stories of five extraordinary men coalesced, becoming one over-arching history that culminated in the establishment of the state of Israel.  The Founding Fathers of...

$24.99 | $17.75
Muddy Waters - An Insider's View of North American Native Spirituality
Nanci Des Gerlaise
Many Christians see no problem combining the beliefs and practices of Native American Spirituality with their view of Christianity. But Nanci Des Gerlaise knows differently . . . Muddy...
$13.95 | $9.95
Heresy - A History of Defending the Truth
Alister McGrath

Our ongoing fascination with alternative Christianities is on display every time a never-before-seen gospel text is revealed, an archaeological discovery about Jesus makes front-page news, or a...

$13.99 | $9.95
Edwin S. Gaustad

"At once maddeningly original and disarmingly humane, Roger Williams championed Native-American rights, church-state separation, and an independent judiciary when each was considered rank heresy....

$24.00 | $17.00
J. I. Packer

Though he endured much in his long life -- going from affluence to bankruptcy in a day and being twice widowed -- Ryle recognized the divine wisdom of it all for long-term good.  With...

$0.00 | $12.80
The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era - Exploring the Background of Ear
James S. Jeffers

"Where does one go to find a book that provides a clear, simple description of what life was like in the time of Jesus and the apostles?  There has been no obvious answer to this...

$24.00 | $17.05
dc Talk, Voice of the Martyrs

There are more Christian martyrs today than there were AD 100 -- in the days of the Roman Empire.  Now in the twenty-first century , hundreds of thousands of Christians are martyred...

$17.99 | $12.80
dc Talk, Voice of the Martyrs

In this second volume, learn about those who stood against the culture of their day and made a difference.  These individuals were not all martyrs, but they were all effective...

$17.99 | $12.80
Franklin H. Littell

Paperback, formerly titled Historical Atlas of Christianity, second revised and expanded edition

"Littell is clearly a scholar with a profound grasp of his subject....

$29.95 | $21.30