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After Darkness Light - John Calvin
Catherine Mackenzie

He had been brought up to believe in lies but now he'd been shown the truth . . . John Calvin become the one who took the reformed message and taught it to the world through his...

$8.99 | $7.00
In My Seat - A Pilot's Story From September 10th-11th
Megan Ann Scheibner

Steve Scheibner went to bed September 10, 2001, with his bags packed and ready to go.  He was scheduled to be the pilot on American Airlines Flight 11 the next day.  When he woke in...

$14.95 | $10.65
The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 1899-1981
Iain H. Murray

This book is a re-cast, condensed and, in parts, re-written version of the author's two volumes D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years (I982) and The Fight of Faith (...

$20.00 | $14.20
God's Secretaries - The Making of the King James Bible
Adam Nicolson

$14.99 | $10.65
The Annals of the World
James Ussher

Considered not only a classic work of literature, but also esteemed for its preciseness and accuracy, The Annals of the World has not been published in the English language since...

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The Victory of Reason - How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western
Rodney Stark

In The Victory of Reason, Rodney Stark advances a revolutionary, controversial, and long overdue idea: that Christianity and its related institutions are, in fact, directly...

$15.95 | $11.40
Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Eryl Davies

Bitesize Biographies series - 'An excellent overview of one of the most important ministries in the western world of the twentieth century.' -- Michael Haykin

'While I have...

$9.99 | $7.60
John Knox
John J. Murray

Bitesize Biographies series -  "This short biography is the 'essential' John Knox with all his passion, power and devotion to Christ.  It is Knox at his pithy best without...

$9.99 | $7.60
Douglas Bond

Bitesize Biographic Series - "We all know 'Rock of Ages', but if you want to learn about the man behind the hymn, and the grace that made him sing, I highly recommend this new book by...

$11.99 | $8.55
John Newton
John Crotts

"This is a beautiful introduction to the unparalleled life of an often over-looked leader of the Evangelical movement in the eighteenth century.  John Crotts has captured the essence...

$11.99 | $8.55
Thomas Cranmer
Colin Hamer

Thomas Cranmer, one of the Reformation's most famous martyrs, can accurately be described as the architect of the Church of England, and consequently, of the worldwide Anglican communion....

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Life of Sir Isaac Newton
American Sunday-school Union

This timeless classic demonstrating the human brilliance of this most honored of scientists and man of faith is now available again after more than 100 years.  Newton’s (1642-1727...

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The Autobiography of George Muller
George Muller

What can be accomplished by an ordinary man who trusts in an extraordinary God?  George Mller discovered the endless possibilities!  These excerpts from his...

$8.99 | $6.40
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
John Foxe (W. Grinton Berry,ed.)

This unparalleled  volume chronicles the tragic yet triumphant stories of men and women who faced torture and martyrdom rather than deny their vision of truth and of God. ...

$6.99 | $5.00
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
John Foxe

Updated Through the 21st Century   --   detailed index   --   author biographies   --   illustrations   --  ...

$16.99 | $12.10
The New Complete Works of Josephus
translated by William Whiston, commentary by Paul L. Maier

The New Complete Works of Josephus offers;    A newly edited text that updates the 18th century language of the Whiston translation, using modern vocabulary...

$24.99 | $17.75
Church History - Volume Two - From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day
John D. Woodbridge, Frank A. James III

Church HIstory looks closely at the integral link between the history of the world and that of the church . . . Filled with maps,charts, and illustrations, it is an account of the ups and...

$49.99 | $35.50
Church History - Volume One - From Christ to the Pre-Reformation
Everett Ferguson

The Rise and Growth of the Church in Its Cultural, Intellectual, and Political Context 

$44.99 | $36.45
The Lion's Gate - On the Front LInes of the Six Day War
Steven Pressfield

"Few others so adroitly weave together the stories of war in a way that captures the human side of a conflict.  The Lion's Gate gives us a rare glimpse into the different...

$29.95 | $21.30
Iain H. Murray

Iain Murray believes that Edwards cannot be understood apart from his faith. Only when seen first and foremost as a Christian do his life and writings make sense. The...

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