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The Poverty of Nations - A Sustainable Solution
Wayne Grudem, Barry Asmus

Economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem work together to outline a clear path to national prosperity  and long-term stability as they integrate both free-market principles and...

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The New Calvinism Considered
Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker makes a thoughtful, instructive, even-handed assessment of the most visible and influential streams of the new Calvinism.  He acknowledges encouraging and beneficial aspects of...

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Out of Formation - Spiritual Disciplines of God and Men
Dr. Gary E. Gilley

'Spiritual Formation' will not be a term that is familiar to everyone , but most Christians will be aware of the effects of it and many will have experienced at least some aspects of it . . . The...

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The Isis Crisis
Charles Dyer, Mark Tobey

Drawing from history, current events, and biblical prophecy, they guide readers through the matrix of conflicts in the Middle East.  Then they explore the role of ISIS in all of these matters...

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Person to Person Ministry - Soul Care in the Body of Christ
Martin & Deidre Bobgan

This book reveals the innate sinfulness of problem-centered counseling, shows how it leads Christians into feeding the flesh and quenching the Spirit, and gives reasons why Christians must abandon...

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The Israeli Solution
Caroline B. Glick

A manifesto that exposes the flaws in the two-state policy of the United States toward Israel and the Palestinians and offers a direct and powerful call for Israeli sovereignty in the region.

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The Palestinian Right to Israel
Alex Grobman

In this meticulously researched and well-written work, historian Alex Grobman systematically and methodically exposes the myths and lies aobut the Arab right to the land of Israel.  Grobman...

$19.99 | $15.20
Denying History
Shermer, Michael & Alex Grobman

Denying History takes a bold and in-depth look at those who say the Holocaust never happened and explores the motivations behind such claims . . . Uncovering a complex social movement,...

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Biblical Separation - The Struggle for a Pure Church
Ernest Pickering

Biblical Separation is the classic historical and Biblical defense of an idea -- that the church cannot fellowship with those who deny the doctrines of the historic Christian faith....

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The Truth About Muhammad - Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion
Robert Spencer

In The Truth About Muhammad, New York Times bestselling author and Islam expert Robert Spencer offers an honest and telling portrait of the founder of Islam unbounded by fear and...

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The Red-Green Axis
James Simpson

Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America   --   Jim Simpson has done a characteristically exacting investigation of the extent to which the red-green axis - the...

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Hitler's Cross
Erwin W. Lutzer

How the Cross was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda   --   Hitler's Cross is a chilling historical account of what happens when evil meets a silent, shrinking church,...

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Run! It's Jesus Calling
Steve Hudgik

Why You Should Throw Away Your Copy of Jesus Calling   --   With over 15 million copies sold worldwide, Jesus Calling is one of the all-time best selling devotional...

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The Other Worldview - Exposing Christianity's Greatest Threat
Peter Jones

According to Peter Jones, all the religions and philosophies of the world can be divided into two basic worldviews.  Is everything essentially one?  Or does an irreducible distinction...

$14.95 | $10.65
Shattered Shepherds
Steve Swartz

Finding Hope in the Midst of Ministry Disaster   --   Many books instruct pastors in avoiding ministry problems; few deal with the aftermath of church disaster . . . In small...

$12.99 | $9.25
Transforming the Church in Africa
Vernon E. Light

A New Contextually-Relevant Discipleship Model   --   Vernon LIght wrote this book with an apostolic passion in the way the Apostles presented and procalimed the Gospel to...

$24.34 | $22.00
A Clear and Present Word
Mark D. Thompson

The Clarity of  Scripture   --   [A] lack of confidence in the clarity or perspicuity of Scripture is apparent in Western Christianity . . .In this excellent study, Mark Thompson...

$22.00 | $17.85
The Good Shepherd Calls
Roger Oakland

An Urgent Message to the Last-Days Church   --   Since the turn of the milliennium . . . Christianity as we have known it has experienced a major meltdown.  While many are saying...

$14.95 | $10.65
Deception in the Church
Mumbi Kariuki

The New Apostolic Reformation and the Emergent Church   --   Spiritualism and various other forms of New Age practices are being imported into the Churach at a quiet yet speedy rate....

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The Case for Zionism
Thomas Ice

Why Christians Should Support Israel   --   The Case for Zionism attempts to bring together biblical, historical, and legal arguments for the legitimacy of the startup nation...

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