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Contemporary Issues

George M. Marsden

Fundamentalism and American Culture has long been considered a classic in religious history, and to this day remains unsurpassed. Now available in a new edition, this highly...

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James R.White

Mary - Another Redeemer? sidesteps hostile rhetoric and cites directly from Roman Catholic sources to explore this volatile topic. It traces how Mary of the Bible - esteemed mother...

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Vital Contemporary Issues - Examining Current Questions and Controversies - Vita
Roy B. Zuck, ed.

How does the Christian faith affect our understanding of vital contemporary issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and the AIDS crisis?  How can we evaluate the moral conflicts of our era from...

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Implosion - Can America Recover From Its Economic & Spiritual Challenges in Time
Joel C. Rosenberg

What does the Bible say about the future of the United States?  New York Times bestselling author and political expert Joel C. Rosenberg tackles the question: Is America an empire in decline...

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George Gilder

Israel is the crucial battlefield for Capitalism and Freedom in our time . . . Gilder reveals Israel as a leader of human civilization, technological progress, and scientific...

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Francis A. Schaeffer

As one of the foremost evangelical thinkers of the twentieth century, Francis Schaeffer long pondered the fate of declining Western culture.  In this brilliant book he analyzed the...

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Nazi Oaks - The Green Sacrificial Offering of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in t
R. Mark Musser

Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany.  By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.

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Tim LaHaye, Ed Hindson

Realistically, our world could end soon.  And it's no coincidence that the Bible predicts the very dilemma we find ourselves in right now.  In fact, it presents the warning signs...

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Gary E. Gilley, Jay Wegter

Employing his unique ability to graciously confront and challenge, Dr. Gary Gilley demonstrates how mightily the church is influenced by its surrounding culture, and how various...

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Whatever Happened to Worship?  A Call to True Worship
A. W. Tozer

Decrying much of comtemporary worship as entertainment, Tozer pleads for an insistence on making worship genuine and forsaking the compulsion to substitute work for worship....

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Tozer on Worship and Entertainment
A. W. Tozer
Tozer had strong convictions about the subject of worship as well as its corruption by what he referred to as "the Great God Entertainment."  The excerpts in this book were carefully...
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Mere Environmentalism - A Biblical Perspective on Humans and the Natural World
Steven F. Hayward

As debates over climate change rage and consumers become ever more conscientious...

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Money, Greed, and God - Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem
Jay W. Richards

Jay Richards presents a new approach to capitalism, revealing how it's fully consistent with Jesus' teachings and the Christian tradition -- and our best bet for renewed economic vigor.  ...

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From Prophecy to Charity - How to Help the Poor
Lawrence M. Mead

In From Prophecy to Charity: How to Help the Poor, Lawrence M. Mead critiques the moral presuppositions of past and current endeavors to alleviate poverty and provides a framework...

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Strange Fire - The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship
John MacArthur

In Strange Fire, bestselling author and pastor John MacArthur chronicles the unsavory history behind the modern Charismatic Movement. He lays out a chilling...

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"Another Jesus" Calling - How False Christs are Entering the Church Through Cont
Warren B. Smith

Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling...

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Ken Ham, A. Charles Ware

Join Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham and president of Crossroads Bible College Dr Charles Ware as they examine the racist historical roots of evolutionary thought and...

$13.99 | $11.35
One Race One Blood
Ken Ham, A. Charles Ware

It is a rarely discussed fact of history that the premise of Darwinian evolution has been deeply rooted in the worst racist ideology since its inception . . . The tragic legacy of Darwin s...

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Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament - Manuscript, Patristic, and Apoc
Daniel B. Wallace, ed.
How much did the theological arguments of the church affect the copying of the New Testament text?  Focusing on issues of textual criticism, this inaugural volume of the...
$29.99 | $21.30
The Poverty of Nations - A Sustainable Solution
Wayne Grudem, Barry Asmus

Economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem work together to outline a clear path to national prosperity  and long-term stability as they integrate both free-market principles and...

$35.00 | $24.85