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New Calvinists, The
E. S. Williams

Changing the Gospel   --   Satan's major strategy is the overthrow of the church by the world, through infiltration and contamination.  But seldom has this battle reached...

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Grace for the Afflicted
Matthew S. Stanford

As both a church leader and a professor of psychology and behavioral sciences, Matthew S. Stanford has seen far too many mentally ill brothers and sisters damaged by well-meaning believers who...

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Ecumenism: Another Gospel
ES Williams

Lausanne's Road to Rome   --   Over the years the ecumenical ambitions of the [Lausanne] Movement have become increasingly obvious, as many within it seek to work closely with...

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A New Apostolic Reformation?
R. Douglas Geivett & Holly Pivec

A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement   --   Every movement that claims to be of the Holy Spirit should welcome scrutiny.  Geivett and Pivec are exemplary critcs in...

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Church in Babylon
Erwin W. Lutzer

Heeding the Call to Be a Light in the Darkness   --   How do we live faithfully in a culture that perceives our light as darkness?  Daniel faced this challenge just as we...

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Holistic Mission
ES Williams

Weighed in the Balances   --   This book examines how holistic mission has become widely accepted as the authentic mission of the Church.  At the Lausanne Congress on...

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Hell Under Fire
Christopher W. Morgan & Robert A. Peterson, ed.

Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment   --   Although the historic doctrine of hell has been contested since the Enlightenment, the past fifty years have witnessed a...

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Three Views on Israel and the Church
Jared Compton & Andrew David Naselli, ed.

Perspectives on Romans 9-11   --  contributors are Michael J. Vlach, Benjamin L. Merkle, Fred G. Zaspel, James M.

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God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel
Costi W. Hinn

How Truth Overwhelms a LIfe Built on Lies   --   Through a remarkable journey, Costi Hinn went from an heir-apparent prosperity preacher to the first in his family to shift to...

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New Creation Eschatology and the Land
Steven L. James

A Survey of Contemporary Perspectives   --   In New Creation Esschatology and the Land, Steven L.

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