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Father, Son, & Holy Spirit - Relationships, Roles & Relevance
Bruce A. Ware

" 'Many automatically equate theology with complexity and even irrelevancy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Dr. Ware has the rare gift of making the profound accessible...

$17.99 | $12.80
Larry D. Pettegrew

"He is our Helper, Comforter, and Conselor, and without Him we cannot live the Christian life. Yet His role in believers' lives is at the heart of one of the churcch's most difficult and...

$15.99 | $11.40
The Holy Spirit
Charles C. Ryrie

All the doctrinal essentials are here, clearly organized and explained by the renowned scholar who prepared the Ryrie Study Bible.  Avoiding confusion and trendiness, Dr. Ryrie...

$14.99 | $10.65
John F. Walvoord

This book of the Holy Spirit is the outgrowth of lectures on the topic given in Dr. Walvoord's classes at Dallas Theological Seminary . . .  'The Holy Spirit' is an extensive treatment...

$19.99 | $14.20
Leon J. Wood

"The Old Testament does have some definite things to say regarding the Holy Spirit and His activity during this time . . . A question that has puzzled many Bible students concerns the...

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Keep in Step With the Spirit
J. I. Packer

Finding Fullness in Our Walk With God   --   In this new edition of his classic Keep in Step with the Spirit, J. I. Packer seeks to help Christians reaffirm the...

$19.99 | $14.20
Mal Couch

"The Spirit of the Living God was the creative architect in the beginning of the universe.  In the Old Testament, He spoke through the ancient prophets.  But at Pentecost (Acts 2...

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The Virgin Birth - A Biblical Study of the Deity of Jesus Christ
Robert Gromacki

 "The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a foundational doctrine of the Christian faith, yet few Christians have a clear understanding of its full meaning and theological...

$13.99 | $9.95
Gerald F. Hawthorne

In this work, attention is focused upon "the significance of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus."

"Hawthorne brings his discussion to a climax by...

$28.00 | $26.00
J. Oswald Sanders

Moody Classics

"In the foreword, J. I. Packer describes 'The Incomparable Christ' as 'a devotional exploration of the person, the work, and the key utterances of our Lord Jesus...

$8.99 | $6.40
Jesus is the Christ - Studies in the Theology of John
Leon Morris

"More than simply a series of chapters on the theology of John's Gospel, 'Jesus is the Christ' relates each of John's teachings to his declared aim, expressed in John 20:30-31: 'Jesus did...

$24.00 | $18.25
F. F. Bruce

"F. F. Bruce has long been known as a first-class scholar who communicates the truths of Scripture clearly and convincingly . . . Bruce re-examines the bilbical evidence for who Jesus was,...

$14.99 | $10.65
Jesus as God - The New Testament Use of "Theos" in Reference to Jesus
Murray J. Harris

" 'Jesus as God' stands as one of the significant exegetical-theological contributions of the century.  With linguistic and exegetical skill befitting his ranking as a leading...

$35.00 | $35.00
Slave of Christ - A New Testament Metaphor for Total Devotion to Christ
Murray J. Harris

"The New Testament finds many ways to depict Christians' relationships to their Lord . . .

$24.00 | $17.05
Lord & Christ - The Implications of Lordship for Faith and Life
Ernest C. Reisinger

"What happens to the central doctrines of Scripture when Christ's lordship is viewed as optional?  How does the nonlordship view impact practical matters such as evangelism, preaching...

$11.99 | $9.15
The Messiah - Revealed, Rejected, Received
William Varner

In this book that Messianic theme is traced trom its announcement in the Old Testament through its development between the Testaments to its fulfillment in the New Testament.  The book...

$19.45 | $19.45
Jesus Christ Our Lord
John F. Walvoord

Beginning with an analysis of modern trends in the study of Christology, Dr. Walvoord shows that "contemporary Christology has in many respects confused rather than clarified the extended...

$17.99 | $12.80
George W. Zeller, Renald E.Showers

"The doctrine of eternal Sonship declares that the second person of the triune godhead has eternally existed as the Son . . . Those who deny this foundational truth teach that Jesus 'became...

$16.00 | $16.00
The Unfolding Drama of Redemption - An Inductive Study of Salvation in the Old a
W. Graham Scroggie

"Using the organizing scheme of a dramatic play, Scroggie traces the theme of redemption through each book of the Bible with careful scholarship and a thorough analysis of the Bible's...

$19.99 | $14.20
The Millennial Kingdom - A Basic Text in Premillennial Theology
John F. Walvoord

"The three leading millennial views -- postmillennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism -- are presented in the context of their history, their theology, and their biblical...

$26.99 | $20.55