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The Forgotten Trinity - Recovering the Heart of Christian Belief
James R. White

The Forgotten Trinity is a concise, understandable explanation of what the Trinity is and why it matters.  It refutes cultic distortions of God.  It shows how a grasp of this...

$16.99 | $12.10
Warren W. Wiersbe, ed.

"Knowing and living out God's will is a crucial step in one's growth as a disciple.  Warren W.Wiersbe has assembled thirteen sermons from some of history's best preachers on this...

$10.95 | $6.25
The Doctrine of God - A Theology of Lordship - Volume 2
John M. Frame

"Frame's central motif is that God is Lord of the covenant and that all of the acts, attributes, and personal distinctons that Scripture attributes to God are also expressions of his...

$39.99 | $28.40
The Doctrine of the Word of God - A Theology of Lordship - Volume 4
John M. Frame

"This fourth and final volume in the series discusses God's word in modern theology and how God's word comes to us as his controlling power, meaningful authority, and personal presence....

$40.00 | $28.40
God's Lesser Glory - The Diminished God of Open Theism
Bruce A. Ware

"In its redefinition of the nature of divine providence, open theism adjusts the entire picture of God's sovereignty and involvement in our lives.  Bruce Ware carefully summarizes and...

$17.99 | $12.80
Still Sovereign - Contemporary Perspectives on Election, Foreknowledge, and Grac
Thomas R. Schreiner, Bruce A. Ware, ed.

"In 'Still Sovereign,' thirteen scholars write to defend the classical view of God's sovereignty.  According to the editors, 'The vision of God affirmed in these pages is of one who...

$26.95 | $19.20
God's Greater Glory - The Exalted God of Scripture and the Christian Faith
Bruce A. Ware

"The providence of God is a doctrine Christians struggle to understand.  Scripture affirms that God is sovereign, that he governs all the affairs of creation.  Yet we, his...

$17.99 | $12.80
John H. Armstrong, ed.

"Looking to God's Word for principles and insights regarding practical issues is appropriate, but even more, we must seek within its pages fresh revelations of God's unique Son, Jesus...

$14.99 | $10.65
Their God is Too Small - Open Theism and the Undermining of Confidence in God
Bruce A. Ware

"Called 'open  theism,' this novel view of God denies that he fully knows the future and insists that he takes risks by giving humans wide-ranging freedom . . .

$9.99 | $7.10
J. Budziszewski

Revised and Expanded Edition

In this new revised edition of his groundbreaking work, Professor J. Budziszewski questions the modern assumption that moral...

$17.95 | $12.80
Steve Fernandez

This book is an attempt to present the biblical teaching of justification by faith alone, based upon the blood and obedience of Jesus Christ alone, imputed to the sinner by faith alone...

$0.00 | $9.15
The Gospel According to Jesus - What is Authentic Faith?
John MacArthur

This 20th Anniversary, hardback, editon is revised and expanded with the addition of one new chapter.  Examining what did Jesus mean when He said, "Follow Me" and the kind of faith and...

$21.99 | $15.65
The Gospel According to the Apostles:  The Role of Works in the Life of Faith
John MacArthur

Ever since the days of the apostles Paul and James, who seemed to be in contradiction, Christians have struggled to define the proper tension between faith and works . . . In clear and...

$15.99 | $11.40
Vital Biblical Issues - Examining Problem Passages of the Bible - Vital Issues S
Roy B. Zuck, ed.

"While the Bible - as God's message to mankind - stands in its simplicity as a book easily understood by children, youth, and adults, it also challenges the most astute, scholarly minds...

$12.99 | $9.25
Lordship Salvation - Some Crucial Questions and Answers
Robert Lescelius

"This study is a result of a personal sense of burden and urgency over the condition of the evangelical church today . . . [The author's] purpose is to deal with the issues in light of the...

$6.99 | $5.70
Unless You Repent
H. A. Ironside

"It is especially timely that [Dr. Ironside's] book, Unless You Repent, should be reprinted at this time.  It deals with issues that are the subject of some...

$12.99 | $11.70
John Murray
This classic work by John Murray studies the various interpretations of Romans 5:12-19, examining the syntactical construction, the sin contemplated, the union involved, the nature of...
$9.99 | $8.10
The Death Christ Died - A Biblical Case for Unlimited Atonement
Robert P. Lightner

"Whether Christ died for all men or for only those who will believe has been an issue much debated since the days of the Reformation," observes Dr. Robert Lightner . . . "Unless Christ died ...

$14.99 | $10.65
The Cross and Salvation - The Doctrine of Salvation
Bruce Demarest

"A valuable contribution to the evangelical theological community.  Lucid and readable, Demarest's work is an encyclopedic approach to the subject, which results in a good sourcebook...

$40.00 | $28.40
The Race Set Before Us - A Biblical Theology of Perseverance and Assurance
Thomas R.Schreiner, Ardel B. Caneday

The Christian life is like a racecourse, a marathon, set out before us.  There is a reward in running well but particularly in finishing.  But is the prize an extra bonus, a...

$27.00 | $19.20