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An Introduction to the New Testament

D. Edmond Hiebert
An Introduction to the New Testament
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three volume collection  
Volume One: The Gospels and Acts   --   Though not a commentary on the gospels and Acts, the book presents their message along with a discussion of such questions as authorship, composition, and the Synoptic Problem.  Practical suggestions on how to study these five books are included.  The bibliographies and annotated book lists are extremely helpful . . .
Volume Two: The Pauline Epistles   --   This is a detailed introduction to all of Paul's writings . . . Dr. Hiebert discusses the historical circumstances of their writing, deals with the critical problems, and provides helpful general information on the content and nature of the books themselves.  Discussed in general and separately, these epistles are treated in chronological order, with emphasis on their eschatology, soteriology, Christology, or ecclesiology.
Volume Three: The Non-Pauline Epistles   --   Dr. Hiebert possesses a thorough grasp of the critical problems that have been posed through the centuries regarding the non-Pauline Epistles, and he accords to the various views a respectful and fair hearing.  His selection of issues and evidence is valid; he brings up the most important questions.  His careful bibliography gives the  Bible student an excellent invitation to further careful exploration.