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The Revised & Expanded Answers Book

Don Batten, ed.
The Revised & Expanded Answers Book - The 20 Most-Asked Questions About Creation
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During my 25 years in ministry, I have found that people everywhere ask the same challenging questions. -- Ken Ham 

      Does God exist?

      Did God really take six days to create everything?

      What about the gap (ruin-reconstruction) theory?

      What about carbon-14 (radioisotope) dating?

      How can we see distant stars in a young universe?

      How did "bad things" come about?

      What about arguments for evolution?

      Cain's wire -- who was she?

      Were the "sons of God" and/or "nephilim" extra-terrestrials?

      Was Noah/s flood global?

      What about "continental drift?"

      Noah's flood -- what about all the water?

      How did all the animals fit on the ark?

      How did fresh/saltwater fish survive the flood?

      Where are all the human fossils?

      What about the Ice Age?

      How could animals get to places like Australia?

      How did the different "races" arise?

      What happened to the dinosaurs?

      What can I do after reading this challenging book?