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When God Calls You to the Unexpected   --   When God unexpectedly called Jonah to preach against sinful Nineveh, he asked Jonah to—change his life's direction; change his...

$3.99 | $2.85
The Complete Bible Prophecy Chart
Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice

The Complete Bible Prophecy Chart presents a complete panorama of much that happens in the Bible -- both past and the future -- all on one chart.  Starting in eternity past,...

$5.99 | $4.30
A Bible Map "God's Plan of the Ages"
Leon Bates

This map shows God's "Plan of the Ages" from Eternity Past to Eternity Future as recorded in His inspired written word.

$0.50 | $0.40
Five Views On The Rapture
Ron Rhodes

What You Need To Know, Quick Reference Guide   --  Pretribulation   --     Posttribulation   --    Midtribulation ...

$7.99 | $3.55
Christian Views of War
Ron Rhodes

What Your Need to Know, Quick Reference Guide   --   What are Christians to believe about war?  Is it a justifiable way to solve differences between nations or to restrain...

$3.99 | $2.85
Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?
John Blanchard

We live in what has been called 'a world with ragged edges'.  Yet the Bible claims that God is in sole and sovereign control of everything that happens in the entire universe, that He 'works...

$2.99 | $2.35
Truth and Error, Comparative Charts of Cults and Christianity
Alan W. Gomes

. . . charts that show how the groups and movements differ theologically from historic orthodox Christianity. 


$7.99 | $5.70
Buddhism, Taoism & Other Far Eastern Religions
J. Isamu Yamamoto

This volume and the volume on Hinduism in this series together present a comprehensive overview of Eastern religions, their views, and their impact on contemporary North America.


$7.99 | $6.10
Creation vs. Evolution Examine the Evidence
Ralph O. Muncaster

What do Fossils tell us? Does the "Big Bang" drive evolution? What does new DNA analysis reveal?

$5.99 | $3.55
John Blanchard

You are twenty-four hours nearer to the moment of your death than you were at this time yesterday. This points powerfully to the fact that there is one inexcapable question that ultimately...

$2.49 | $2.35
Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia Are They Ever Right BioBasics Series
Gary P. Stewart & Various Other Authors

Many in our society champion suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia as acceptable answers to intractable physical and emotional problems. There are alternatives to this contemporary "...

$6.99 | $5.00
Charles R. Smith

The great and glorious gospel of God is not, "Perhaps you have been elected."  Nor is it, "Perhaps Christ died for you."  It is best stated as it was on the birthday of the Church...

$1.50 | $1.20
La Verdad Sobre Las "Verdades" de Los Adventistas del S'eptimo D'ia
Dale Ratzlaff
$3.99 | $3.50
J. Blanchard

La salud, el dinero, la familia, el futuro: la vida est'a llena de preguntas. Hay, tambi'en, preguntas m'as profundas. Qui'en soy yo? Por qu'e estoy aqu'i? A d'onde voy? Tiene sentido la...

$2.95 | $2.15
John C. Whitcomb

This book is a basic introductory handbook on how God's vast and marvelous universe is viewed in His infallible and inerrant written revelation, the Bible. Written for those who may be...

$3.95 | $2.85
Agape Leadership - Lessons in Spiritual Leadership From the Life of R.C. Chapman
Robert L. Peterson & Alexander Strauch

Few things speak more clearly than a good example.

Perhaps our greatest need as we train new generations of church leaders is for role models--godly examples of what Christian Leadership...

$6.99 | $5.00
Biblical Eldership - Restoring the Eldership to its Rightful Place in the Chruch
Alexander Strauch

. . . a great deal of confusion and unbiblical thinking surrounds the topic among most elder-led churches.  To help remedy this appalling confusion over eldership, I wrote Biblical...

$5.49 | $4.00
God in Three Persons Biblical Testimony to the Trinity
Allen Vander Pol

As its title conveys, this book is about the Trinity. As you may know, "Trinity" is a word that combines two numbers--three and one--into one word. Admittedly, the word "Trinity" is not...

$6.50 | $4.80
John J. Davis

In this new and updated version of an original series of articles on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Old Testament scholar and archaeologist John J. Davis outlines the history, the significance, and...

$3.99 | $2.85
What The Bible Says About Prayer: 100 Key Bible Verses on Prayer
Rose Publishing

Prayer is an important part of how we relate to God. Many religions recognize the need for prayer, but what does the Bible say about it? Does God hear all our prayers? Do some people get...

$3.99 | $2.85