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Provision or Penalty

Gil Rugh
Provision or Penalty: The Danger of Rejecting Christ
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Indian HIlls Community Church

For the believer, the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ is a wonderful thing. For it is in His death that the Christian finds salvation and forgiveness of sins. Unfortunately, though, not everyone who knows God's plan of salvation believes. In fact, the writer of Hebrews tells us that there are people who knowingly reject the truth, and in the process, treat the death of Christ as an unholy thing.    

 What is the fate of those who reject Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for their sins? 

Pastor Gil Rugh, in his book, Provision or Penalty: The Danger of Rejecting Christ, looks at this serious issue and shows how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ can be both a source of blessing and a cause  for terrifying judgment.