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D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There is a crisis of authority in society today . . . But the source of this confusion lies in the church itself.  The authority of the Bible has been called into question, and commonly today...

$10.00 | $7.10
Encyclopedia of Bible Characters
Paul D. Gardner, ed.

exhaustive, ready reference of every person named in the Bible   --   40 major figures covered in full-length articles   --   contributions from 24 world-...

$24.99 | $17.75
Jerusalem, the Temple Mount
Leen & Kathleen Ritmeyer

[T]he first modern guide to the Temple Mount for visitors of all religions.  The authoritative text of Jerusalem: The Temple Mount contains priceless information and is richly...

$25.00 | $17.75
A Harmony of the Gospels - NAS
Robert L. Thomas, Stanley N. Gundry

with explanations, essays, and helps

$25.00 | $25.00
Carta's New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible
Anson F. Rainey, R. Steven Notley

The ultimate textbook for aspiring scholars devoted to the serious study of biblical geography.  Up-to-date depiction of biblical history and geography by way of the ancient sources. ...

$60.00 | $42.60
The Sacred Text
Ronald F. Satta

The Biblical Authority in Nineteenth-Century America

$31.00 | $27.90
Prepositons and Theology in the Greek New Testament
Murray J. Harris

Prepositions are important in the exegesis of the Greek New Testament, but they are at the same time very slippery words because they can have so many nuances.  [This book] is a study of the...

$42.99 | $32.55
Dispensationalism,. Israel and the Church
Craig A. Blaising, Darrell L. Bock, ed.

The Search for Definition   --   The thesis for this book is tlhat Israel and the church are distinct theological institutions that have arisen in the historical progress of...

$27.99 | $21.30
Millennium - Historical & Exegetical Debate
Martin Erdmann

"Martin Erdmann has provided us with an extremely helpful study of the early church's beliefs about the millennial kingdom . . Other approaches to understanding the millennium all began with...

$20.80 | $17.70
The Origin of the Bible
F.F.Bruce, J.I.Packer,Philip Comfort, Carl F.H.Henry

The Origin of the Bible is a comprehensive guide to the origin and development of the Bible text, manuscripts, and canon.  This updated edition also provides a chapter on recent...

$16.99 | $12.10
Between the Testaments
Charles F. Pfeiffer

It is the purpose of this brief volume to outline the broader background necessary for the appraisal of those movements which immediately preceed the advent of the Savior.

$13.95 | $9.95
7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible
Erwin W. Lutzer

In this revised edition . . . Dr. Lutzer offfers seven foundational arguments for the reliability of Scripture.  In clear, easy-to-follow language, he explores the Bible's claims, historical...

$14.99 | $10.65
Illustrated Life of Paul
Charles L. Quarles

Illustrated Life of Paul introduces readers to this amazing man's incredible story, explaining the background of each of Paul's letters and summarizing the beliefs of one of the keenest...

$29.99 | $22.80
The MacArthur Bible Handbook
John MacArthur

A Book-by-Book Exploration of God's Word   --   The MacArthur Bible Handbook is a thorough and reliable book-by-book survey of the Bible, complete with charts, graphs...

$29.99 | $21.30
Charting the Bible Chronologically - A Visual Guide to God's Unfolding Plan
Ed Hindson & Thomas Ice

A Visual Guide to God's Unfolding Plan   --   [T]his theologiacally sound and easy-to-understand compilation provides the big picture of what God has done, is doing, and will do . . . an...

$29.99 | $21.30
The Strongest Strong's - 21st Century Edition
James Strong

Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible   --   most accurate and complete Strong's ever published   --   only Strong's compiled and verified by computer...

$39.99 | $28.40
A Biblical Critique of Infant Baptism
Matt Waymeyer

It is amazing to think that, without a biblical foundation, infant baptism is as widespread as it is.  In this compelling, convincing work, Waymeyer upholds the model of biblical believer's...

$15.00 | $15.00
From Moses to Malachi
Kenneth G. Hanna

Exploring the Old Testament   --   From Moses to Malachi introduces each of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament, using thematic charts to clarify the message of each book...

$34.95 | $33.50
From Gospels to Glory
Kenneth G. Hanna

Exploring the New Testament   --   For pastors and teachers, it offers helpful ideas and outlines for proclaiming the messageof the New Testament to a contemporary audience.  For...

$34.95 | $33.50
From Adam to Jesus
Attic Books

13 ft. Creation to Crucifixion Timeline   --   13 ft. Panorama of Jerusalem A.D.33   --   trace the genealogy from Adam through David to Jesus   --   Illustrated...

$26.99 | $19.20