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The Bible Among the Myths

John N. Oswalt
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Oswalt poses the question - is the Bible unique revelation or just another source of ancient literature? 

He gets to the root of the new attitude that lies in Western society's hostility to the idea of revelation.  He exposes that the fact of revelation presupposes a reality that transcends the world of the senses and in doing so assumes the existence of a realm one cannot control.  While not advocating a "the Bible says it, and I believe it, and that settles it" point of view, Oswalt asserts convincingly that the Bible's historical claims cannot be disassociated from its theological claims.  He shows that whereas other ancient literatures all see reality in essentially the same terms, the Bible differs radically on all the main points.  He argues that the historical claims of the Bible cannot be disassociated from its theological claims such that an investigation of historical matters as the Bible records should not assume they can be.