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Minor Prophets - Be Heroic

Warren W. Wiersbe
Selected Minor Prophets - Be Heroic - Demonstrating Bravery by Your Walk
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"The Jewish remnant after the captivity in Babylon . . . returned to the Holy Land, rebuilt the temple, and restored their civic life.  Their story is told in:  The Book of Ezra - The record of the sacrifice and service of a godly priest and 50,000 Jewish exiles who trusted God and accomplished wonders.;  The Book of Haggai - A devoted prophet who was an encourager of God's people in a difficult day.;  The Book of Zechariah - A young prophet who had insight into the times and what God was doing for His people.

By studying these three exciting books and applying what they teach to your own life, you can develop heroic faith and learn to :  Trust God in tough times and not give up;  Claim promises that will give you victory;  Make you an encourager of others