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Respectable Sins - Discussion Guide

Jerry Bridges, Stephen Sorenson
Respectable Sins - Confronting the Sins We Tolerate - Discussion Guide
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"I commend this discussion guide to you as invaluable not only for small-group interaction but also for your own personal study and growth in Christ . . . Through experience I have found that we often need more than to merely have our own sins -- even the "respectable" ones that we tend to minimize -- pointed out to us.  We need enouragement and hope, and these come only through the gospel . . . You will find both hope in the gospel and practical suggestions for dealing with your sins in this discussion guide. . . Let me assure you that I must deal with many of these sins myself.  So together let's confront the subtle sins we tolerate in our lives and implement God's wonderful plan for redemption and victory." -- author in Preface