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Christian Theology

Alister E. McGrath
Christian Theology - An Introduction
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Christian Theology: An Introduction is internationally acknowledged to be among the leading textbooks in Christian theology . . . Using accessible language, the text assumes no prior knowledge of Christian theology, and introduces the key ideas, debates, personalities, and schools of thought clearly and accurately . . . Material relating to Roman Catholic and Orthodox theology has been added, as well as additional illustrative material.  Some chapters have also been restructured to allow for easier study.  Part ll has been expanded and rearranged to allow the inclusion of additional material relating to philosophical theology.  Bibliographies have been expanded and updated for every chapter.  Avoiding any form of denominational or theological bias, this essential textbook provides full coverage of the first 2,000 years of Christian theological debate, including substantial coverage of historical theology, philosophical theology, and systematic theology.  An extensive glossary of theological terms is included, as well as an updated guide to theological resources on the Internet.