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Triumphant Return - The Coming Kingdom of God

Grant R. Jeffrey
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WaterBrook Press

Triumphant Return is an upbeat, positive proclamation of the tremendous prophecies about the Second Coming and the awesome transformation of humanity that will unfold when Christ ushers in the Kingdom of God.

Key Features Include:

                     · Christ’s Triumphant Return- your role in the coming Kingdom of God.
                     · Why are the Rapture and the Second Coming under attack today?
                     · How should we understand the Bible’s prophecies: Literal or symbolic? Past or future?
                     · The coming Millennial Kingdom of God- the key to understanding prophecy
                     · Historical evidence disproves the false theory that Revelation’s prophecies were fulfilled in A.D. 70
                     · What did the Early Church believe about the Second Coming? The early Christians taught Christ's return will be                        literal, imminent, and premillennial
                     · Fascinating new research about the remarkable prophecies pointing to the nearness of Christ’s premillennial


                     · Astonishing evidence the Muslim Koran acknowledges Israel’s right to the Promised Land
                     · How should the promise of Christ’s return transform your faith and daily walk with God?