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The Company of Hope - A History of Bible Prophecy in the Church

David L. L:arsen
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In this study, Dr. Larsen looks at the long history of interpreting Bible prophecy within Christendom.  With roots in Jewish apocalyptic and the Old Testament, Jesus and the writers of the New Testament give extensive address to the course of human history and the wrap-up of space-time history . . . Looking at ancient and medieval systems of interpretaion, this study also surveys the Reformers as well as the Puritans and the Pietists and what underlay the extraordinary renewal of interest in prophecy in the nineteenth century up to the present . . . Larsen seeks to address the long-existing vacuum in Christian literature on this subject with a comprehensive single volume overview, done in thirty-six chapters each focusing on the contribution of a key thinker.  Both newcomers and inquirers with little background in this area as well as long-time students can find the issues addressed, strengths and vulnerabilities accessed and significant bibliographies for further study and research.