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The New Complete Works of Josephus
translated by William Whiston

No source, other than the Bible itself, provides more relevant information on the first century than the works of Flavius Josephus.  Now this first-century historian's writings take on...

$19.99 | $14.20
Iain H. Murray

This book "traces the landmark changes in understanding and practice of revivals in North America between the middle 18th and 19th centuries through the eyes of...

$32.95 | $23.45
Irene Howat

In this story of the life of John Newton, one of the worst abusers of the African slave trade, we see him traveling the oceans to make his fortune. But in the end his...

$6.95 | $5.00
Lorna Simcox

" 'The Search' is the poignant and timely story of one Jewish woman's ardent quest to find the ultimate answers about faith, God, and life after death. This true...

$10.00 | $7.10
Sundar Singh: Footprints over the Mountains
Janet & Geoff Benge

"At sixteen Sundar Singh found truth in Jesus Christ. This former Sikh devoted his life to Christ and shared the gospel with Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs as he...

$8.99 | $6.40
White Queen - The Story of Mary Slessor
Donald McFarlan

Known as the "White Queen" of Calabar, Mary Slessor (1848-1915) was a Dundee mill girl. She was loved and respected by tribes in remote Calabar for what she did and...

$7.00 | $5.00
Into Africa The Epic Adventures of Stanley & Livingstone
Martin Dugard

An action-packed and gripping historical narrative of the most famous encounter in exploration history - Stanley & Livingstone.

$15.95 | $11.40
Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor

"The story of the life of Hudson Taylor who followed God's call to the other side of the world and relied on Him through the challenges he faced as he served the...

$12.95 | $9.25
Sojourner Truth
W. Terry Whalin

Sojourner Truth, born a slave and a woman, dedicated her life to sharing her deep conviction that Christians 'best show their love for God by their concern for...

$4.00 | $2.85
John F. Walvoord

"As president of Dallas Theological Seminary for thirty-four years, Walvoord guided the training of more young ministers than any other person in North America."...

$15.00 | $10.65
Basil Miller

"The extraordinary little man who spearheaded England's greatest spiritual awakening. The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley was a man who was used...

$6.00 | $4.30
John Piper

"As world leaders debate over how to deal with a host of social justice and humanitarian crises, a closer look at Wilberforce's life and faith serves as an...

$7.99 | $5.70
Cameron Townsend - Good News in Every Language
Janet & Geoff Benge

In one decisive moment, Cameron Townsend (1896-1982) understood that God had called him to translate the Bible into the language of his Guatemalan friends. Thus...

$7.00 | $5.00
W. Cameron Townsend

"Cameron Townsend founded one of the world's largest mission organizations, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and it's training arm, the Summer Institute of Linguistics....

$15.00 | $10.65
Elwood McQuaid

"As a ten year old boy, Zvi was separated from his parents and forced to face the trials of survival in Adolph Hitler's crazed world. His triumph against all odds,...

$13.00 | $9.25
Richard Bennett & Martin Buckingham, ed.

"Testimonies of fifty converted Roman Catholic priests.  The love and concern felt by the former priests for those they left behind, and their fervent desire that they too should...

$12.00 | $8.55
John Piper

"Read about the lives of Newton and Simeon and Wilberforce, and learn not only to finish the race but to finish it stronger than when you began."

$14.99 | $10.65
John Piper

"Defending truth and treasuring Christ in the lives of Athanasius, John Owen, and J. Gresham Machen."

$18.00 | $12.80
Ira Stoll

"Vividly  recreates a world of ideas and action in a work that fully captures the high drama of the American Revolution."

$16.00 | $11.40
George Washington Carver
Sam Wellman

Heroes of the Faith series

$3.95 | $2.85