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They Looked for a City

Lydia Buksbazen
They Looked for a City
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This fascinating book tells the incredible but true story of a Eastern European Jewish family's bitter but triumphant struggle for survival.  Travel back in time to a busy market street in Poland, where tragedy strikes as savage Russian Cossacks brutally ride down shoppers.  Witness the heroic sacrifice of a young Jewish mother protecting her daughters.  Meet Yente and Benjamin who, despite bitter opposition, discover love in the Warsaw Ghetto, which was then the heart of European Jewry.  Their lives weave a tale of betrayal and separation, confusion and desperation, failure and success. Caught in the maelstrom of war, their little family is torn apart by a devastating series of events, producing a heartbreaking situation with no apparent solution.  Yet, in the midst of international chaos and conflict, God performs a miracle you'll never forget.