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Jews, Gentiles & the Church

David Larsen
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"The Jews are God's timepiece," [David Larsen] says.  "They are the key to history and prophecy."  And the author takes the key and opens the door on many subjects, including:

  • the scriptural background of lthe Jews, and God's design for them

  • the separateness of the Jewish people throughout history

  • the formation of the state of Israel in the twentieth century

  • the relationship of the church to Judaism throughout history

  • the unimaginable atrocity of the Holocaust

  • The role of the Jews in prophecy

  • the responsibilities of Christians today in relation to the Jews

Thorough and engaging, Jews, Gentiles, and the Church offers a fresh perspective on the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Second Coming, the Millennium, and the consummation of all things . . . It is a book that explains this world and the one to come.