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Expository Apologetics
Voddie Baucham

Answering Objections With the Power of the Word   --   Aimed at preparing you to clearly and confidently defend your faith, Expository Apologetics sets forth an...

$19.99 | $14.20
A Pastor's Sketches, or Conversations With Anxious Inquirers Respecting the Way
Ichabod S. Spencer

". . . the author has hoped, that these Sketches might be useful . . . as they refer to common experiences and common difficulties, which have occurred under the ordinary ministration of a very...

$16.57 | $16.57
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Paul Washer

Paul Washer escorts readers through a biblical overview of the good news about Jesus.  Presenting passage after passage from the Bible, Washer describes the holy character of God, the human...

$3.00 | $2.15
Crucified: The Soul of the Gospel
Emilio Ramos

"The cross is the center point of history, the focus of God's redemptive purposes, the pinnacle of God's sovereign self-glorification.  Emilio Ramos proclaims the 'word of the cross' boldly...

$14.99 | $12.05
Steps Towards Heaven
J. C. Ryle

Can we be saved without any personal knowledge of the Bible's teaching?  Is it necessary to think clearly and precisely about such teaching?  Is God's love such that no one will...

$10.00 | $7.10
Gospel Reset
Ken Ham

Salvation Made Relevant   --   The culture has changed.  Christian values, traditions, and terminologies that were once common knowledge have become a thing of the past....

$14.99 | $10.65
Ashamed of the Gospel
John MacArthur

When the Church Becomes Like the World   --   third edition   --   Acceptability in the culture and increased church attendance have subtly but steadily...

$25.00 | $20.25
The Unsaved Christian
Dean Inserra

Reaching Cultural Christainity With the Gospel   --   How do you share your faith with people who call themselves Christians but don't know Christ?  Dean Inserra used to...

$14.99 | $10.65
Understanding Bible Translation
William D. Barrick

Bringing God's Word Into New Contexts   --   In Understanding Bible Translation, William Barrick surveys the fascinating work of Bible translation worldwide. ...

$21.99 | $15.65
James Boccardo

How to Voice the Gospel   --   Unsilenced: How to Voice the Gospel gives readers the knowledge and confidence to share the gospel with anybody at any time . . . ...

$13.95 | $13.25
Contending for the Gospel
Mike Gendron

For the Glory of Christ and the Sanctity of His Church   --   The greatest attack on the Christian faith today is the widespread assault on the exclusivity and purity of the...

$17.50 | $16.50
Heaven, How I Got Here
Colin S. Smith

The Story of the Thief on the Cross   --   What if you woke up one morning knowing that it was your last day on earth?  That's what happened to the thief on the cross, who...

$8.99 | $7.30