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Let the Nations Be Glad - The Supremacy of God in Missions
John Piper

"The best biblical study there is on the nature of missions has become better!  After building a solid biblical base, Piper confronts some burning issues in missions today in a way...

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Tell the Truth - An Evangelism Training Manual
Will Metzger

The Whole Gospel Wholly by Grace Communicated Truthfully & Lovingly.  In this fourth edition of his classic Tell the Truth, Will Metzger adds a new introductory essay, a...

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The Gospel's Power & Message
Paul Washer
One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is its neglect of the gospel, and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth.
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The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon - Long Line of Godly Men Profiles
Steven J. Lawson

Charles Spurgeon is remembered as "the prince of preachers," but his minisltry was not mere style.  He preached the gospel of Jesus Christ -- biblical doctrine and a summons to faith --...

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Thabiti Anyabwile

As a former Muslim, Thabiti Anyabwile knows firsthand the power of the gospel at work in a person's heart . . . The Gospel for Muslims was written -- for the average Christian who...

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Unsilenced - How to Voice the Gospel
James Boccardo

Unsilenced: How to Voice the Gospel gives readers the knowledge and confidence to share the gospel with anybody at any time.  Author James Boccardo has shared his faith in Jesus with...

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The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mason
Ron Rhodes

Fact-filled and easy-to-understand, this series delivers the essential knowledge you need to effectively communicate the liberating truths of God's Word to people who are...

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The Gospel Call & True Conversion
Paul Washer

The apostle Paul gave the gospel the first place in his preaching, endeavored with all his might to proclaim it clearly, and even went so far as to pronounce a curse upon all those who...

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Upsetting the World
John Crotts

"The apostle Paul's message, methodology, and ministry strategy are the keys to fruitful evangelsim and healthy church life.  This fresh, insightful analysis of Paul's ministry in...

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Justification and Regeneration
Charles Leiter
What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians have "died to sin"?  How is it possible for a just God to "justify the ungodly" without becoming "unjust" Himself?  Why do all men...
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The Brokenhearted Evangelist
Jeremy Walker

How do Christians develop a sense of urgency to see lost sinners saved?  What motivates our evangelism?  We must have the character of the brokenhearted evangelist, the David of Psalm 51...

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Mormonism Unmasked - Confronting the Contradictions Between Mormon Beliefs and T
R. Philip Roberts

Based on years of research and study, this detailed and accurate resource clearly explains the Mormons' basic beliefs, then soundly refutes their subtle heresies while exposing secrets that Mormon...

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Starting at the Finish Line - The Gospel of Grace for Mormons
John B. Wallace

Mormons are leaving their faith in record numbers . . . Starting at the Finish Line challenges the transitioning Latter-day Saint to take a closer look at the reliability of the Bible and...

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Salvation, the Bible, and Roman Catholicism
William Webster

Is it not the case that Roman Catholics and Protestants believe basically the same things?  William Webster brings a special qualification to his study -- although now a Protestant, he was...

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Confound the Critics - Answers for Attacks on Biblical Truths
Bodie Hodge

Whether you want to witness more effectively or give someone seeking truth a resource that will help, Confound the Critics is the perfect choice!  These are real responses to real...

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Truth About Adventist "Truth"
Dale Ratzlaff

Many Christians believe the Seventh-day Adventist Church is simply another evangelical church that worships on Satuday.  They do not perceive the organization's cultic nature nor understand...

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Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon
D. M. Lloyd-Jones

. . . Dr. Lloyd-Jones was an evangelistic preacher, as can be seen in this collection of twenty-one sermons . . . [T]hey show why the gospel is the most urgent, glorious and transforming of all...

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Sharing Your Faith With Muslims
Wade Akins

Learn what you as a Christian need to know to relate to Muslims in a loving way.  Learn what Islam teaches and learn in a practical way how to share your faith with Muslims.

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The Great Commission
Charles Mackintosh

Conversion, What is It?   --   Simon Peter: His Life and Its Lessons   --   Christian Perfection, What is It?   --   The History of the...

$7.99 | $6.80
Rescued by Grace
Clifford B. McManis, Derek J. Brown

Current Evidence That Jesus Still Saves Sinners   --  "There is nothing more encouraging than hearing personal testimonies of Jesus Christ's transforming power . . . " -- Mike...

$19.99 | $14.20