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Absolutely Sure

Steven J. Lawson
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Settle the Question of  Eternal Life.  "How may we know we are truly saved?  I know of no single doctrinal issue that confuses people more than this one . . . That's why I'm grateful for Steve Lawson's latest book, Absolutely Sure.  It is a lucid survey of the biblical doctrine of assurance from 1 John . . . In careful, clear, biblical fashion, Dr. Lawson outlines nine vital signs of assurance from this key passage of Scripture.  He examines Christian assurance from all angles . . . He shows clearly how Scripture corrects both the chronic uncertainty of the overanxious and the superficial security of the overconfident . . . A true, settled assurance is the necessary taproot by which all other spiritual fruit is nourished to health and maturity." -- Joh MacArthur