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Above All Earthly Powers

David F. Wells
Above All Earthly Powers - Christ in a Post-Modern World
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William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

In our postmodern world, every view has a place at the table but none has the final say. How should the church confess Christ in todays cultural context? Above All Earthly Powers, the fourth and final volume of the series that began in 1993 with No Place for Truth, portrays the West in all its complexity, brilliance, and emptiness. As David F. Wells masterfully depicts it, the postmodern ethos of the West is relativistic, individualistic, therapeutic, and yet remarkably spiritual. Wells shows how this postmodern ethos has incorporated into itself the new religious and cultural relativism, the fear and confusion, that began with the last centurys waves of immigration and have continued apace in recent decades. Wells' book culminates in a critique of contemporary evangelicalism aimed at both unsettling and reinvigorating readers.