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The Little Book About the Bible
Ron Rhodes

Open this handy little resource for quick, concise, and easy-to-understand answers to important questions . . . As you do, you will become more confident in the Scriptures and will be...

$6.99 | $5.00
The Little Book About Heaven
Ron Rhodes

The brief lists, charts, quotes, and "fast facts" in this handy little book will bolster your assurance about the future, increase your anticipation of heaven, and motivate you to walk with God...

$6.99 | $5.00
The Vanishing Conscience
John MacArthur

Are you becoming a person who finds it easy to shift blame, deny guilt, or excuse moral failure in yourself or others?  With clarity and insight, John MacArthur provides you with...

$15.99 | $11.40
Taking God Seriously - Vital Things We Need to Know
J. I. Packer

Explaining the essentials of the faith, renowned theologian and author J. I. Packer outlines the core commitments that are common to those of us who profess belief in Jesus. Here is a call...

$12.99 | $9.25
The Best of A. W. Tozer - Book Two
compiled by Warren Wiersbe

 "Happy is the Christian who has a Tozer book handy when his soul is parched and he feels God is far away." -- Warren W. Wiersbe 

$14.99 | $10.65
The Jesus Answer Book
John MacArthur

Almost everyone has heard about Jesus before.  But how much do you really know about who He was, why He came, and what it means for us today?  Bestselling author John MacArthur...

$14.99 | $10.65
Andrew Murray

"Humility is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret." Humility is considered one of the best books on this...

$5.45 | $5.00
Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die
John Piper

The central issue of Jesus' death is not the cause, but the meaning.  That is what this book is about.  John Piper has gathered from the New Testament fifty reasons in answer to the most...

$9.99 | $7.10
When Trouble Comes
Jim Berg

Jim Berg presents four truths that must be applied when facing the storms of life.  These truths can work together to act as "spiritual CPR" that will stabilize you, or someone you are...

$13.00 | $9.25
What Happens After Life?
Ron Rhodes

21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell -- Each chapter is short enough to read in one sitting and zeroes in on a single reassuring truth. You will quickly find your fears and...

$11.99 | $8.55
One Minute After You Die
Erwin W. Lutzer

Perhaps it doesn't seem real that we will still exist -- fully conscious and alive -- beyond the grave.  But it's true, and it calls for careful consideration.  In this updated edition...

$7.99 | $5.70
Discipline - The Glad Surrender
Elisabeth Elliot

With honesty and grace, beloved author Elisabeth Elliot guides you to a deeper understanding of discipline.  It is not merely self-improvement or developing specific routines. ...

$13.99 | $9.95
A Path Through Suffering
Elisabeth Elliot

In this powerful moving book, Elisabeth Elliot does not hesitate to ask hard questions, to examine tenderly the hurts we suffer, and to explore boldly the nature of God whose sovereign care...

$12.99 | $9.90
Profiting From the Word
A. W. Pink

'All Scripture', we are told in 2 Timothy 3: 16, 17, 'is profitable', but how much do we gain from our reading of Scripture, and by what means can we learn to profit more?  These questions,...

$6.00 | $4.30
Heaven Revealed
Paul Enns

In this personal and biblical study of heaven, bestselling author Paul Enns draws upon the Scriptures to answer our questions about life beyond the grave . . . Heaven Revealed will help...

$14.99 | $12.15
Taking God at His Word - Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and W
Kevin DeYoung

Can we trust the Bible completely?  Is it sufficient for our complicated lives?  Can we really know what it teaches?  With his characteristic wit and...

$17.99 | $12.80
The Strategy of Satan - How to Detect and Defeat Him
Warren W. Wiersbe

Warren W. Wiersbe discusses basic biblical instruction on defeating the strategies of the devil.  Centering his material on Satan's attacks as a deceiver, destroyer, ruler, and accuser,...

$6.99 | $5.70
Is God Really in Control - Trusting God in a World of Hurt
Jerry Bridges

[L]earn to understand and trust God's wisdom, love, and sovereignty in the midst of the little disappointments and the big tragedies.  And you can experience comfort and hope by exploring the...

$12.99 | $9.25
101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, & Spiritual Warfare
Mark Hitchcock

Filled with encouragement and hope, this helpful guide affirms God's full power over Satan and provides you with all the information you need to experience victory in spiritual warfare.

$13.99 | $9.95
Life in Christ - Becoming and Being a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ
Jeremy Walker

Walker provides instruction for Christians to assess their own standing and progress in the faith -- exhorting and equipping and always pointing them ahead to the hope of Christ's glory. ...

$15.00 | $10.65