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The Thought of God
Maurice Roberts

This is a collection of articles which have already been widely read and appreciated as editorials in The Banner of Truth magazine, of which Maurice Roberts is the editor. 

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Holiness - Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, & Roots
J. C. Ryle

It would be accurate to say that his books are a distillation of true Puritan theology presented in a highly readable and modern form.  Ryle, like his great masters, has no easy way to...

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John Charles Ryle

"Come out, and be separate."  There are four points which I shall try to show my readers in examining this mighty subject:  1) that the world is a source of great danger to the...

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C. H. Spurgeon

C. H. Spurgeon was a famed preacher and prolific writer.  No message was more central to his life and ministry, however, than the message contained in this series of sermons, All...

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Francis A. Schaeffer

In this highly original book Dr. Schaeffer traces the way in which art and philosophy have reflected the dualism in Western thinking introduced at the time of the Renaisance. Today this...

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A. W. Tozer

. . . A. W. Tozer never deviated from exhorting the Church to walk like those who truly belong to the kingdom of God.  Although he never softened his censure of what he called "...

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John MacArthur

. . . the men and women highlighted in the Bible were unnervingly real . . . Scripture does not hide their weaknesses. Instead, it describes these heroes of the faith with unflinching...

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The Obedience Option - Because God Knows What's Good for Us
David W. Hegg

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing things you know you shouldn't?  Does life sometimes feel like one constant battle between what you know you should do and what you actually end up...

$14.99 | $10.65
A. W. Tozer

Walking by faith in God permeated everything Tozer wrote.  In this unique compilation of Tozer writings, each chapter was strategically chosen to take you on an exciting journey that...

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True Community - The Biblical Practice of Koinonia
Jerry Bridges

Biblical fellowship in New Testament times -- or koinonia -- had rich and varied meanings, including covenant relationship, partnership in the gospel, communion with God and others...

$14.99 | $10.65
Who am I ? - Identity in Christ
Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges' gift for simple but deep spiritual communication is fully displayed in this warm-hearted, biblical spelling out of the Christian's true identity in Christ. -- J. I. Packer

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dc Talk

So you read Jesus Freaks . . . The life-changing stories of radical heroes of our faith ignited a flame in your soul.  But now what?  What do you do with your newfound passion for...

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Slave - The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ
John MacArthur

Centuries ago, English translators perpetrated a fraud in the New Testament, and it’s been purposely hidden and covered up ever since . . . In this book, which includes a study guide for...

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D. A. Carson

God doesn't demand hectic church programs and frenetic schedules; He only wants His people to know Him more intimately, says D. A. Carson.  The apostle Paul found that spiritual...

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One Perfect Life - The Complete Story of the Lord Jesus
John MacArthur

In One Perfect Life, Dr.

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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon unwraps God's gift of hope as he presents us with strong encouragement and a powerful tool for surviving daily struggles and temptations.  This book will renew and...

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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon reveals the secrets of developing a thankful heart.  With this inward transformation, your life will overflow with joyful praise and gratitude.

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon

In this volume Kregel Publications has brought together a new collection of Spurgeon's sermons on the Cross and its meaning, significance, and power in the life of the believer.  These...

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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon shows how to receive joy that will remain despite the struggles, trials, and temptations of daily living.  He reveals the secrets of how believers can obtain it,...

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Byron Forrest Yawn

Within the American suburbs, countless unsuspecting and well-intended Christians miss Jesus on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  We read books.  We hear sermons.  We...

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