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Practice of Godliness
Jerry Bridges

[R]eaders will learn how laying an inward foundation of God-centeredness will permit them to build an outward structure of godliness.  Character formation will never be the same!

$15.99 | $11.40
The Pursuit of Holiness
Jerry Bridges

In this classic, Jerry Bridges helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do -- and where we need to accept responsibility.  Whether you're just beginning your pursuit of...

$15.99 | $11.40
What About Cremation?
John J. Davis

A Christian Perspective   --   This volume carefully examines the nature, history, and contemporary utilization of cremation against the background of the Bible in order to from...

$8.95 | $6.85
The Believer's Walk With Christ
John MacArthur

'Walking' is a rich biblical metaphor.  The Believer's Walk With God plumbs nine New Testament texts to unfold this great theme and help us live in step with the Spirit.  ...

$12.99 | $9.25
The Deity of Christ
John MacArthur

The Deity of Christ is a biblical defense of Jesus' divinity -- the cornerstone of Christian doctrine.  From over a dozen New Testament texts, pastor and theologian John MacArthur...

$12.99 | $9.25
Christ Among Other gods
Erwin W. Lutzer

A Defense of Christ in an Age of Tolerance   --   In today's world, the tension between tolerance and truth is growing, as are the challenges of representing Christ.  Christ...

$15.99 | $11.40
On Being a Servant of God
WarrenW. Wiersbe

revised edition   --   Every pastor experiences feelings of inadequacy or loneliness at some time in ministry . . . Warren W. Wiersbe, the "pastor's pastor," knows firsthand the...

$13.99 | $9.95
Prayer 101
Warren W. Wiersbe

With pastoral wisdom and the humor and kindness of a good friend, one of the world's beloved commentators Dr. Warren Wiersbe will open your eyes to the possibilities of your prayer life and...

$10.99 | $8.40
The Vanishing Power of Death
Erwin W. Lutzer

Conquering Your Greatest Fear   --   Jesus conquered death, but many Christians live as if He did not . . . This honest discussion about the end of our earthly lives -- and the beginning...

$11.99 | $9.75
Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
John Piper, Wayne Grudem, ed.

A Response to Evangelical Feminism   --   "Whether read cover-to-cover or used as a reference volume, this book belongs in every church library and the collection of every church leader...

$28.00 | $19.90
The Gospel According to Paul
John MacArthur

The apostle Paul penned a number of very pithy focused passages in his letters to the early church that summarize the gospel message in just a few well-chosen words.  Each of these key tests...

$24.99 | $17.75
Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray
Nathan Busenitz, ed.

Finding Our Way Back to Biblical Truth   --   Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray offers responses from trusted evangelical voices on 15 timely issues.  With a careful...

$15.99 | $13.00
Made in Our Image
Steven J. Lawson

What Shall We Do With a "User-Friendly" God?   --   Can you spot the difference between the cultural counterfeit and the real thing?  Author-pastor Steven Lawson reveals how a...

$14.99 | $12.85
The King of the Earth
Erich Sauer

The High Calling of Man in Redemption!   --   The Nobility of Man According to the Bible and Science   --   This is the message of Erich Sauer, whose geat contribution to...

$17.95 | $15.40
And I Will Praise Him
Ronald B. Allen

A Guide to Worship in the Psalms   --   In this popular devotional study Dr. Ron Allen combines warm, inviting wisdom with heartfelt experiences.  He examines the Psalms -- their...

$17.99 | $12.80
I Will Lift My Eyees Unto the Hills
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

Learning From the Great Prayers of the Old Testament   --   All Christians yearn to pray more effectively.  What better way to learn how to pray than to study the great prayers of...

$12.99 | $9.90
When Life Falls Apart
Warren W. Wiersbe

In his compassionate and caring style, Warren W. Wiersbe offers hope for when you are discouraged.  He reveals the BIble's comforting answers to the big questions we have about pain and...

$5.99 | $4.30
How to Help a Grieving Friend
Stephanie Grace Whitson

A Candid Guide for Those Who Care   --   Half how-to guide, half personal memoir, this concise, easy-to-read book will equip you to offer meaningful, practical comfort to those who've...

$5.99 | $5.15
7 Things You Better Have Nailed Down
Robert Wolgemuth

Before All Hell Breaks Loose   --   One way or another, one day all hell is going to break loose.  And when it happens, that is not the time to start building your foundation....

$14.99 | $10.65
It Happens After Prayer
H. B. Charles, Jr.

Biblical Motivation for Believing Prayer   --   Whatever our want or need, God invites us to come to Him with confidence, believing that He is able to answer -- and He will answer . . ....

$13.99 | $9.95