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Innocent Blood

John Ensor
Innocent Blood - Challenging the powers of death with the gospel of life
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The shedding of innocent blook, primarily through abortion, has now marked an entire generation. Yet God's command to defend the innocent is unchanged. We can obey that call.  "God's Word tells us to be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks us a reason for the hope within us, and it also tells us that we should do this with gentleness and respect. This book does just that. With decades of experience and true wisdom, John Ensor beautifully shows us how our glorious God delights in our courageous fight for the innocent, and that He commands us to fight, not with the words and weapons of man but with the living and active Gospel of Jesus Christ as we depend on the Holy Spirit to change hearts, renew minds, and protect the innocent--for the sake of the precious innocent of all ages and for the incomparable glory of God for eternity."