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A Call to Prayer

J. C. Ryle
A Call to Prayer
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Speaking with the succintness and clarity that Ryle did so well, he writes "There is no royal road either to health or to learning. Prime ministers and kings, poor men and peasants, all alike attend to their needs of their own bodies and their own minds. No person can eat, drink, or sleep, by proxy. No person can get the alphabet learned for them by another. All these are things which everybody must do for themselves, or they will not be done at all.

Just as it is with the mind and the body, so it is with the soul. There are certain things absolutely needful to the soul's health and well-being. Each must attend to these for them self. Each must repent for them self. Each must apply to Christ for them self. And for them self each must speak to God and pray. To be prayerless is to be without God, without Christ, without grace, without hope, and without I ask you the question, do you pray?