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Anyone Can Be Saved

David L. Allen, Eric Hankins, & Adam Harwood, ed.
Anyone Can Be Saved
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A Defense of "Traditional" Southern Baptist Soteriology   --  Anyone Can Be Saved articulates a biblical-theological explanation of the doctrine of salvation in light of the rise of Calvinistic theology among Southern Baptist churches in the United States.  Ten scholars, pastors, and leaders advocate for the ten artaicles of the Traditional Statement by appealing to Scripture, the Baptist Faith and Message, and a variety of biblical, theological, and philosophical writings . . . [T]hese authors consciously set aside the Calvinist-Arminian presuppositions that have framed this discussion in western theology for centuries . . . This book is not meant to be the final word on Southern Baptist soteriology,  but is offered as a peaceable contribution to the wider conversation on the doctrine of salvation.