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A Pocket Guide to Dinosaurs - Is There a Biblical Explanation?
Answers in Genesis

More than any other subject, dinosaurs are used to promote the idea of evolution . . . But what is the truth? Only when we start with the Bible can we understand the true history of dinosaurs.

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A Pocket Guide to Compromise - Refuting Non-Biblical Interpretations of Genesis
Answers in Genesis

Many Christians try to add millions of years to the Bible in order to make it fit with modern geological theories, or try and look good in the eyes of the word.  But Scripture is very clear...

$5.99 | $5.75
A Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith
Dr. Jason Lisle

In this Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith, Dr. Jason Lisle exposes logical fallacies that evolutionist often use to argue their case. The role of logic -- the study of correct reasoning...

$5.99 | $4.90
A Pocket Guide to Noah's Ark
Answers in Genesis

The Pocket Guide to Noah's Ark combines the latest research with careful biblical scholarship, showing why we can trust the Bible's account of Noah's Ark.

$5.99 | $4.90
Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Robert Carter, ed.

Nine Ph.D. scientists explain evolution's fatal flaws -- in areas claimed to be its greatest strengths . . . the fossil record   --   the origin of life   -- ...

$14.00 | $14.00
The Pagan Heart of Today's Culture
Peter Jones

Although postmodernism, polytheism, and the ancient heresy of Gnosticism seem unrelated, Peter Jones shows that they are part of an ancient religious worldview that seeks to impose significant...

$4.99 | $3.55
Grappling With the Chronology of the Genesis Flood
Steven W. Boyd, Andrew A. Snelling, ed.

. . . Several previous treatments of the Flood's geological effects have been undertaken, especially by author Dr. Andrew Snelling.  His thinking is now partnered with and supplemented by Dr....

$39.99 | $28.40
Starlight and Time - Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe
D. Russell Humphreys

How can we see light from stars that are millions of light years away if the universe is only a few thousand years old?  Starlight & Time offers a scientifically sound solution...

$7.99 | $5.70
Taking Back Astronomy
Jason Lisle

Take a breathtaking look at the universe in this comprehensive guide to the heavens!

$16.99 | $12.10
Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics
Ron Rhodes

Perhaps you know the frustration that comes from not being able to answer the tough questions unbelievers ask about God and the Christian faith . . . This book will give you powerful, concise...

$15.99 | $12.20
Preparing For Eternity
Mike Gendron

This book is a resource that documents many of the doctrines, practices, and beliefs of the Catholic religion from the Catechism of the Catholic church and then documents what the Bible says....

$15.00 | $12.00
The Genesis Factor - Myths and Realities
Ron J. Bigalke, Jr., ed.

Genesis is among the most controversial books of the Bible -- facing increasing attacks on its credibility and its meaning within the modern Church . . . [M]any within the Church are abandoning...

$13.99 | $12.10
Know What You Believe
Paul E. Little

"This updated classic stands ready to serve a whole new generation.  Read it and let Paul help you understand the timeless biblical truths that will prevent you from being 'blown here and...

$16.00 | $11.40
Know Why You Believe
Paul E. Little

This clear and reasonable response to the tough challenges to Cjhristianity -- revised by Marie Little in consultation with experts in science and archaeology -- is as current as it is classic,...

$16.00 | $11.40
A Visitor's Guide to Hell
Dr. Clint Archer

Dr. Clint Archer takes us on a thought-provoking, learned trip around Hell, from the lay of the land to dead-end escape routes.  Drawing primarily from the New Testament of the Bible, as...

$14.99 | $10.65
Creation and Evolution - Compatible or in Conflict?
Jay Seegert

Whatever your stance on this issue, you will find Creation & Evolution to be both interesting and easy to understand.  Presenting the best information on both sides of the debate...

$14.99 | $10.65
Inside the Nye Ham Debate - Revealing Truths From the Worldview Clash of the Cen
Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge

Provides context and analysis of critical portions of the [February 4, 2014] event   --   Takes you behind the scenes to get even more details on the topics discussed ...

$16.99 | $12.10
The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis
Bill Cooper

Dr. Bill Cooper takes on the challenge of the globally accepted media's opinion of the Scriptures we call the Bible.  He argues from hard evidence that the Bible is historically accurate...

$29.00 | $26.00
One Human Family - The Bible, Science, Race and Culture
Carl Wieland

A wide-ranging and immensely readalel exploration of our diverse humanity.  Whether it's language, genes, the effect of various religions on culture and economics -- even such 'hot potatoes'...

$24.00 | $18.25
Hell is for Real - Why It Matters
Gary Frazier

Americans overwhelmingly believe that heaven exists, though a much smaller number believe that hell exists . . . -- discern what beliefs are based on fact or fiction   --  ...

$12.99 | $9.25