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Henry Morris III
The Big 3
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Major Events that Changed History Forever    --   Creation, the Fall, & the Flood with the Promise of Christ   --      They are cornerstones of the Christian faith, they are events that literally changed the world forever. Yet, the foundations of these biblical truths are rooted in Genesis, a book that too many in the Church now treat as an allegory or a metaphor, as anything but the precise and inerrant Word of God.  As these attacks on scriptural authority and relevance escalate, it seems that man's theories supersede scripture when there is conflict, sowing confusion and undermining faith in the accuracy of biblical history and the Bible itself. In The Big Three, learn:   how the Scriptures negate the concept of theistic evolution   --   why a living faith and a saving faith exemplify a solid belief in a special creation   --    the challenges and confusion in academia regarding scriptural interpretation.