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What Christians Believe at a Glance

What Christians Believe at a Glance - Rose Bible Basics
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This full-color handbook gives you key Christian beliefs in a clear, easy-to-understand way.  Each chapter provides explanations of the core beliefs that unify Christians, and answers common questions about these important elements of the faith.  This handbook also shows side-by-side comparisons of Christain denominations and explains how they differ on other teachings and practices.  Includes a Six-Week Study Guide . . .16 essential doctrines:   --   Early Church Creeds - What they mean and why they matter   --   the Trinity - Explanations, illustrations, and Q & A   --   key Beliefs about Jesus Christ; comparison of 12 major Christian denominations and when they were founded   --   baptism - Importance, symbolism, and comparison of different church prcactices   --   four Christian views of the Book of Revelation and the end times   --   and heaven - How the biblical view differs from views in pop culture.