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Why Trust the Bible?

Why Trust the Bible?
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This full-color handbook will help you answer questions about the Bible's history, accuracy, and reliability.  Written in easy-to-understand language with attractive graphics . . . Free, downloadable study guide at

How We Got the Bible   --   The Dead Sea Scrolls and archaeological finds that support the Bible's accuracy   --   50 Proofs for the Bible - Old Testament   --   50 Proofs for the Bible - New Testament   --   Why Trust The Bible?   --   100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus   --   The Gospels: "Lost" & Found    --   Answers to skeptics and the new critics about the Bible's reliability   --   Evidence for accuracy of Bible translation   --   How the books of the Bible were chosen   --   Time line of Bible translation: from the originals to today's Bible   --   Information on Bible backgrounds and cultures