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Parables & Other Bible Studies

Parables & Other Bible Studies
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This full-color companion to Bible study helps you see the love of God through some of your favorite Bible passages and stories.  Seeing how God works through the trials and triumphs in the stories of Bible characters sheds light on how God is working in our own stories.  This book contains timelines, comparison charts, maps, and historical insights.  Each chapter provides basic tools for interpreting and applying Scripture, so you can learn how to walk in step with God's plan for your life.  Includes a Six-Week Study Guide

Parables of Jesus - Insights about kingdom living   --   Life of Joseph - The purposes of suffering   --   Esther - Courage in uncertain times   --   Proverbs - Practical ways to live wisely   --   Life of David - God's power in flawed people   --                     1 Corinthians 13 - How to show love in all relationships   --   Psalm 23 - God's comfort and protection