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Charts on Systematic Theology

H. Wayne House
Charts on Systematic Theology - Volume 1 - Prolegomena
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The key to a thorough study of theology is knowing where to start. With that in mind, H. Wayne House has summarized the major introductory issues in systematic theology in an easy-to-follow, parallel column format. The first in a series, Charts on Systematic Theology includes direct quotes from significant theologians on introductory issues central to the study of systematic theology. This allows readers to read key theologians in their own words and quickly grasp the points of comparison and contrast between different theologians and theological systems. Citations and an extensive bibliography direct readers to additional reading.

Charts are organized in 10 sections:
•            What Is Theology? 
•            The Possibility of Systematic Theology
•            Four Divisions of Theology
•            The Nature of Doctrine
•            The Nature of Divine Revelation
•            Knowledge and Language About God
•            Hermeneutics and Theological Interpretation
•            Faith and Reason
•            The Source and Structure of Truth
•            Relationship Between the Testaments