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Romans - The Gospel of God's Grace

Alva J. McClain
Romans - The Gospel of God's Grace
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This remarkable and soul-searching commentary on the Book of Romans is the fruit of more than 40 years of study, teaching, and preaching by the founding president of Grace Theological Seminary . . . He outlined Romans in four main sections, each of which deals with a specific subject, answers a great question, and presents a clear revelation of God.  The first division, "condemnation" (1:18 - 3:20) answers the question, "Is the world lost?"  The second division, "salvation" (3:21 - 8:39) answers the question, "How does God save sinners?"  The third division, "vindication" (9:1 - 11:36) answers, "Why is Israel rejected?" and the final section, "exhortation" (12:1 - 15:33) answers the question, "How shall a saved man walk?"