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The Gospel of John - A Theological Commentary

Herman Ridderbos
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William B. Eerdmans

" 'Its brief introduction consists of a concentrated description of the theological issues raised by the Gospel.  The exposition of the text of the Gospel has as its great concern the identity of Jesus as 'Messiah,' 'Son of Man,' 'Son of God,' and the record of the controversies of Jesus with the Jews and their leaders through his claims to be identified with such titles . . . The result is an exegesis of the Fourth Gospel of exceptional worth, such as could come only from a seasoned scholar who has long labored in the field of Johannine studies.  To read it is to gain an understanding of the Gospel in light of the discussions of theologians and exegetes of earlier times and of our own, enriched by the personal insights of a scholar who has profited from them all.' --G. R. Beasley-Murray