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The Return

Thomas Ice, Timothy J. Demy, ed.
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With the increased interest in prophecy and prophetic events, Christ's Second Coming has provoked two equally false responses.  One is to sensationalize Christ's return and forget the biblical admonition to serve the Lord faithfully until that time.  The other is to dismiss the study of the prophetic Scriptures and forget about the certainty of His return altogether.  To address both of these extremes and to present a balanced, biblical viewpoint, the editors have assembled contributions from many of today's best-known premillennial, dispensational scholars and authors.  Their work encourages us to study carefully the subfect of Christ's return, not out of curiousity or for the sake of controversy, but in order to know the truth of God's Word and live in obedience to it. 

This work contains selections from the editors' larger work, When the Trumpet Sounds, and includes contributions by:

                          Larry Crutchfield                            J. Randall Prioce                                       

                          Edward E. Hindson                       Gerald B. Stanton                    

                          H. Wayne House                           Stanley Toussaint             

                          Thomas Ice                                   John F. Walvoord

                          Tim LaHaye