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The Pre-Wrath Rapture View

Renald E. Showers
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In the late 1980s Robert Van Kampen and Marvin Rosenthal popularized the "pre-wrath rapture" view, a new understanding of the time of God's rescue of His church from the worldwide "Day-of-the-Lord wrath."  Positioned between the traditional "mid-tribulation" and "post-tribulation" views of Christ's return, the “pre-wrath rapture” places the rapture after most of the seven-year 70th week of Daniel but before God unleashes His final wrath.

Dr. Renald Showers, a longtime friend of Van Kampen and Rosenthal, has interacted extensively with the pre-wrath rapture theory since its inception and now offers an authoritative and biblical critique of this recent addition to the prophetic landscape. In this volume the author explores such topics as the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord, the significance of the seals and the sealed scroll, the great multitude, Matthew 24, and the Second Coming.