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Henry A. Virkler & Kerelynne Gerber Ayayo
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Principles and Processes of Bilbical Interpretation   --   . . . Henry Virkler and Karelynne Ayayo combine hermeneutical theory with practical steps for exegesis.  The authors outline a five-step hermeneutical procedure that includes : (1) historical-cultural and contextual analysis, (2) lexical-syntactical analysis, (3) theological analysis, (4) genre identificaltion and analysis, and (5) application.  The key distinctive of the book is its emphasis on practical steps of Bible study.  Instead of giving readers long lists of rules they need to memorize, this book walks them through a simple step-by-step process that they can integrate into all future study of the Bible. 

[This] second edition adds co-author Karelynne Ayayo and includes updated material covering developments in hermeneutics over the past twenty years,  In addition, a companion website offers instructor resources including teaching suggestions, PowerPoint slides, suggested answers to exercises, and supplementary handouts.