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As to Roger Williams and His Banishment from the Massachusetts Plantation . . .

Henry Martyn Dexter
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The Introductory Note by the historian begins..."A few excellent - if not erudite - people last winter petitioned our General Court to revoke "the sentence of banishment against Roger Williams," which was decreed in 1635.  They urged such action, in the interest of 'historical justice,' on the ground that that decree was in the nature of punishment for the 'offence' of his advocacy of 'perfect religious liberty' . . . [T]he task which I set for myself . . . was to go carefully through all accessible records, books and papers, which from their date, intent, or authorship, offer any coeval to the contribution of fact to the illustration of the subject at hand; and then collate and arrange the results . . . [A]s the result of the new view which, in this contemporaneous light, is put upon many passages in the history, {perhaps] the world will be convicted of a great wrong hitherto largely done to the memory of the Puritans of Massachusetts . . . I have no apology to make for the notes with which, otherwise, so small a treatise might seem to be overburdened."