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Revive Us Again

Joel Carpenter
Revive Us Again - The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism
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Oxford University Press

Publicly humiliated by the Scopes "monkey trial,' fundamentalism in America seemed extinct by the end of the1920s and appeared invisible to the mainstream until the popular revivals of the 1940s and 1950s led by evangelists such as Billy Graham.  In this groundbreaking book, Joel A. Carpenter illuminates these hidden years of the fundamentalist movement's career, and in the process provides answers to the riddle of its survival. 

Skillfully blending painstaking research, telling anecdotes, and astute analysis, Carpenter brings this era into focus for the first time.  He reveals that contrary to the popular opinion of the day, fundamentalism was alive and well in America in the late 1920s , and used its isolation over the next two decades to build new strength from within.  Through a reasoned, objective approach to a topic that is all too often reduced to caricature, Carpenter offers a fresh perspective on the continuing influence of the fundamentalist movement in modern America.