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A Peace to End All Peace

David Fromkin
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The Middle East has long been a region of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and ambitions. In large part these conflicts—including the hostilities between Arabs and Israelis, and the violent challenges posed by Iraq’s competing sects—are rooted in the region’s political inheritance: the arrangements, unities, and divisions imposed by the Allies after the First World War.

In A Peace to End All Peace, David Fromkin reveals how and why the Allies drew lines on an empty map that remade the geography and politics of the Middle East. Focusing on the formative years of 1914 to 1922, he delivers in this sweeping and magisterial book, the definitive account of this essential time, showing how the Middle East began along the road that led to the conflicts and confusion that continue to this day.

A new afterword from Fromkin, written for this edition of the book, includes his invaluable, updated assessment of this region of the world today, and his thoughts on what this history has to teach us.