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The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Iain H. Murray
The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 1899-1981
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This book is a re-cast, condensed and, in parts, re-written version of the author's two volumes D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years (I982) and The Fight of Faith (I990) . . . The main purpose of this further biography, however, is to put Dr Lloyd-Jones' life before another generation in more accessible form.  The big story is all here.

No one was more surprised than he in being called to a ministry which would eventually affect churches across the world. How this happened is here explained, but the theme is the person described by F. F. Bruce: 'a thoroughly humble man.  He was a man of prayer, a powerful evangelist, an expository preacher of rare quality, in the fullest sense a servant of the Word of God.'

Behind that theme a greater one emerges.  In ML-J's own words: 'My whole life experiences are proof of the sovereignty of God and his direct interference in the lives of men.  I cannot help believing what I believe.'