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The Anabaptist Story

William Estep
The Anabaptist Story
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William B. Eerdmans

An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism   --   This standard introduction to the history of Anabaptism by noted church historian William R. Estep offers a vivid chronicle of the rise and spread of this vigorous, important stream in Christianity.  In this third edition Estep's Anabaptist Story has been substantially revised and enlarged to take into account the numerous Anabaptist sources that have come to light in the last half-century as well as the significant number of monographs and other scholarly research on Anabaptist themes that have appeared more recently.  In interacting with these materials, Estep challenges a number af assumptions held by contemporary historians . . . and offers fresh insights into the historical movement to which we owe the notion of religious liberty that prevails today.