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Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism

George M. Marsden
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William B. Eerdmans

Presenting a historical overview of fundamentalism and evangelicalism in America, this volume by leading historian George Marsden sets the resurgence of these two movements in context.  While the term "fundamentalist" has become a rather specific self-designation . . . evangelicalism has experienced diverse growth and expanded into a broad category made up of numerous subgroups . . . Despite their striking diversity, these groups share considerable common history . . . [O]verarching themes come into focus as Marsden illuminates our current understanding of these movements by looking at the past. 

THis book examines two such themes that have been especially prominent and controversial in these traditions -- views of science and views of politics.  In both cases Marsden centers his analysis on the views of self-styled evangelicals or fundamentalists who have led efforts to organize either of those related movements as national coalitions.