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By Faith Alone

Gary L. W. Johnson & Guy P. Waters, ed.
By Faith Alone: Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification
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"If you have been unsettled or impressed by the arguments of the New Perspectives or the Federal Vision-this book is for you. 'By Faith Alone' is a serious and substantial rejoinder to the new viewpoints on justification, imputation, covenant theology, and more."
J. Ligon Duncan, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi; President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

"The twin pillars of historic Protestantism - the authority of the Bible and justification by faith alone - have been under attack since the beginning of the Reformation. But the recent assault on justification by the New Perspective on Paul and by the Federal Vision is particularly pernicious, cloaked as it is in apparent scholarship and piety. This important book defends the historic Reformation doctrine with better scholarship and more profound piety."
W. Robert Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History, Westminster Seminary California